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Style Hunter Meets... Ultra-Cool Architect Pernilla Ohrstedt

Sweden-born Pernilla Ohrstedt is an architect who launched Coca Cola’s Beatbox in the Olympic Village with her design partner Asif Khan. Her strong aesthetic runs through everything – from her 1960s listed London home to a well-edited wardrobe. Style Hunter found out just how the day job can affect a girl’s closet… and it includes Dr Martens!


Grazia Daily: How does your taste in architecture influence your wardrobe?

I am inspired by amazing craftsmanship and clever structural cuts, but I also like clothes that have a sense of wit. Clothes are really about communication and that is quite beautiful! I think we tend forget about that these days.

Grazia Daily: Who are your favourite brands?

Antipodium, Acne, Ann-Sofie Back, Opening Ceremony and Cos.

Grazia Daily: How does your day to day job affect what you wear?

As an architect or designer you can pretty much wear what you like - so I wear something that accentuates how I want to feel like that day. Sometimes scruffy, sometimes smart. For site I always wear my black steel toe Doc Martins that I have had since I was 15. They actually go with anything and make me feel like myself.

Grazia Daily: Where are your favourite places to shop?

Second hand stores. I have an amazing place I go to every month or so and always find something unsual. I think it is easier when there is only one of something rather than a rail. Sample sales are another treat for me!

Grazia Daily: Do you think you naturally fuse Swedish and British style?

Yes definitely, Sweden has incredible designers and people dress very well but I feel more at home among the more witty clashes of styles you’ll find in London.

Grazia Daily: What could you not live without in your wardrobe?

Actually I can't live without the wardrobe itself - which I have realised after not having one for three months since I demolished it during our flat refurbishment. I have designed a clever one with a translucent curtain and long rail so I can hang clothes in tonal order, but just can't seem to get around to getting it built.

Grazia Daily: We loved the jewellery you wore on the shoot, is statement jewellery really important to you? If so, where do you go to find it?

Jewellery is like wearable sculpture. It is an amazing conversation starter, and a way of giving people a clue to who you are. I am lucky enough to know designers like Simone Brewster, whose jewellery I am wearing in these pictures, and whom I did a duo show with for London Design and Fashion week in September.

Grazia Daily: Is there an item that youd really like to save up for?

Antipodium has an incredible yellow leather dress that that I would love to own. But being leather it definitely is an investment…..

Shop Pernilla's look:

Simone Brewster earrings

Acne bag

Dr Martens boots

Dagmar jumper

Antipodium dress


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