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Cara Delevingne Opens Up About Harry Styles And Her Sex Appeal In LOVE Magazine

'That don't impress me MUCH!' Grazia Daily has spent the entire day singing the Shania Twain classic thanks to Cara Delevingne's recent rendition. We just can't get enough of watching the oh-so-hot Cara masked up and miming in a cheeky video that was taken during her shoot for LOVE Magazine. If you've picked up the new issue of Grazia (out today), you'll know the accompanying interview has the blonde Brit opening up about everything from Justin Bieber and Harry Styles to almost becoming a Made In Chelsea-er. It's a real corker! We wouldn't expect anything less. Read on for our highlights...

Cara Delevingne LOVE Magazine

Photography: Sølve Sundsbø, Styling: Katie Grand

On being asked to be in Made in Chelsea

‘I was asked to do Made in Chelsea and it’s something I want to be as far away as possible from. I know one of the boys who used to be in it, Hugo. He went to Harrow with my sister and that’s the only contact. I see them now running around at parties but my whole opinion of that is, uh…’

On the power of her looks

‘I don’t get it, I still don’t. I don’t know. Fuck. I’ve no idea. I’ve always been a goofball.’

On front-of-camera sex appeal

‘You have to look at that camera like you want to fuck it. Basically. I’ve only learnt by watching other girls do it, I’d have no idea otherwise.’

On what happened with Harry Styles

‘Er, nothing? Who’s Harry? Who are you talking about? Which one? The Prince? I’m joking. JOKING. Or the other one? That was just a rumour, they both were. Both Harrys, just rumours. Do rumours have to be not real? I don’t know. I know Harry [Styles], he’s a good friend of mine, you know, it was... the whole thing is that everyone’s been linked to him. Alexa [Chung], Pixie [Geldof], we’ve all been around him and then, “Aah, they’re going out.”’

On getting Twitter abuse from One Direction fans

‘Those crazy little fucking... sorry, little girls! One week I had 40,000 followers and then I had 70,000 on Twitter and suddenly it’s like Mrs Harry Styles, die, bitch, die. And it’s funny because I’ve always been quite good at taking criticism because I criticise myself a lot, generally. A shit-load. And some of them are quite funny. Like sending me pictures of tweezers and saying, “Do you know what these are?” And I’d retweet it and be like no, I’ve never seen them in my life before, what are those for? Or funny stuff like you look like a boy and I’ll be like, well, it hasn’t done me too badly has it? I’ll give it back. Some of them can be quite funny and creative about it. But the “die in a hole” ones? Like, whose nine-year-old daughter are you? That’s fucked up.’

On having a relationship

‘I want to fall in love, I think. I’ve never. I know. Everyone I know’s been in love or in relationships now and... There’s only ever been... there’s been people telling me they love me but it freaks me out and I just run, run. I think I’m a bad girlfriend.’

On dating guys her age

‘The thing with young men is… and it’s not just young men, like I’ve been out with people 28, 29 and they’re such fucking assholes. It makes me think I just need to go out with someone who’s 40. To be OK. I literally feel like I’m these little boy’s mothers. I just don’t think that I trust men. That’s the problem. I can appreciated a beautiful-looking man but he’s not my type.’

LOVE 9 'The Clean Issue' Spring/Summer 2013 goes on sale 4 February www.thelovemagazine.co.uk

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