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Girls Series 2: We Speak To The Costume Designer For Lena Dunhams HBO Comedy

Girls Series 2 Fashion: Interview With Jenn Rogien Costume Designer Of Lena Dunham HBO Comedy Girls

You might have heard of a TV series called Girls. After all, there has been some limited fanfare, a smattering of press coverage and the odd essay on well-regarded websites touting its star, Lena Dunham, as the poster girl for 20-somethings in the noughties. Yes, Girls. One of the best thing about Girls, to us anyway, is the costumes. Mainly because they aptly sum up the sort of careless decisions and fashion disasters we all make in our twenties. And, if you saw last night’s string vest - YOWZERS - you’ll know what we mean. ‘We were very aware of Sex And The City and that our audience might be similar’, explains its costume designer, Jenn Rogien. ‘But style-wise, it’s deliberately different. Girls is about realism’. Hmm…so just how much thought goes into each of the Girls’ girls’ wardrobes? Read on for our exclusive interview with Rogien who breaks down the style of each character...

1. Hannah


Best known for: hipster plaids and too-short shorts. The wrong side of thrift.

Jenn says: ‘My concern was that she’d look ridiculous but she looks lovingly dishevelled - a direct reflection of her character.’

Most likely to shop at craft website ETSY’s DIY fashion sites H&M, Atlantis Attic (New York thrift store), Beacon’s Closet (as before).

Did you know Lena is fitted for the clothes wearing Spanx but wears the clothes on screen without, so they’re purposefully too tight.

N.B. Hannah almost always wears Bass Hearts loafers, designed by Rachel Antonoff, sister of Lena’s real-life boyfriend, Jack Antonoff, aka the guitarist for the indie-pop group Fun.

2. Jessa


Best known for: low-key bohochic – think kimonos and kaftans - with a vast collection of vintage (not thrift) and an excellent line in heels

Jenn says: ‘she’s still in possession of a trust fund, so looks well-travelled and bohemian – but the characters are still on minimum wage so…’

Most likely to shop at: Geminola (New York), Stella Dallas (New York vintage store) and ‘maybe a little Topshop’.

Did you know: Geminola is run by Jemima Kirke’s mother who provided some of series 2’s costumes.

N.B Series 2 saw a phasing out of palazzo pants and platforms because Jemima Kirke was pregnant with her second child in real life. She also spent a lot of time ‘wearing tents’ and ‘hiding behind sofas’.

3. Shoshanna


Best known for preppy shifts for work, juicy couture velour for sleepovers, peace sign snuggies for bed. Never thrift. Also - a fascinator, where possible.

Jenn says ‘Shoshanna’s is probably the most concerned with fashion of the four. Let’s just say, her character probably reads US Vogue.’

Most likely to shop at Zara, Juicy Couture, H&M and Bloomingdales

Did you know: Jenn used her wardrobe to reflect the losing of her virginity: ‘we wanted to grow her up a little bit to reflect where she is in this series, so we tweaked her colour palette’. No more pastels? Hurrah.

N.B.  Jenn looked to Nylon-magazine-style shoots while styling Shoshanna. This would suggest there’s method in the preppiness.

4. Marnie


Best known for: overdressing, in general, by wearing Ann Taylor to loft parties. ‘Control freakery’ write large.

Jenn says: ‘It’s very much not runway driven with Marnie - we mixed high street with a few designers. However Marnie is making the biggest transition this series, moving away from Banana Republic matchy matchy to tees and Paige jeans – you can tell by the amount she wears her hair down.’

Most likely to shop at: J Crew, Saks, Paige Jeans, Ann Taylor

Did you know Vanity Fair calls her the show’s ‘most polarising character’, The Atlantic says ‘there’s ‘nothing that signals to the audience that she's "just like us."’

N.B. Marnie’s wardrobe is perhaps the most thought through. ‘There are a couple of signature outfits in this series that are very specific and very un-Marnie.’ R.I.P. Ann Taylor


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