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First Look At Pamela Love's Jewellery Collection for Zadig & Voltaire: EXCLUSIVE

We need to confess to having a pretty serious girl-crush on Zadig & Voltaire’s new jewellery collaboration designer, Pamela Love. Love is a big deal in the world of jewels, having gained a legion of fans since she launched her line of rock ’n’ roll bling back in 2006 from her Brooklyn home. Since, her pieces have been spotted on more A-listers than we can count – including K-Stew, Gwen Stefani and Alexa Chung.

When we meet with Love and her adorable husband, illustrator and musician Matthew Jameson Nelson Love, at Le Meurice in Paris, she is sporting armfuls of her signature jewellery. Her pieces, she explains were inspired by, “Victorian jewellery, snakes, thorns and flowers, tribal, magical and mythological imagery. Every season the inspiration is new, it could be architecture or fairy-tale.”

Bohemian, but earthy, edgy but authentic, Love’s jewellery caught the eye of Zadig & Voltaire’s ultra-chic Creative Director Cecilia Bonstrom, so she decided to enlist the New Yorker to create a capsule collection of tough but still feminine jewellery.

“The best thing about the Zadig collaboration is that although the price point is accessible, the quality has been kept really high,” says Love. The collection seems to be a cut above indeed – directional two finger snake rings (from £170), tooth-studs (from £210) and bird skull pendants (from £180) in three metal colours which all feel properly heavy - click through the gallery above to see the full line.

So what is it that appeals so much about the Love aesthetic? “ I think my pieces are all bound together by a feeling of authenticity; I hope that people know they are buying well-made and personally cared for jewellery. Every single piece of jewellery passes through my hands and I will have worked on a large percentage of the pieces. I guess people are buying into the story of our atelier as well as the edgy aesthetic.” While we completley adore the idea of Pam's atelier, we will be mostly buying into the collection so we can get a little bit closer to looking like Madame Love...!

So what are the Queen of Cool Jewels' top jewellery tips?

1. Layer Your Jewellery

It’s always chic to layer your jewellery – don’t be afraid to wear several rings, bracelets and necklaces. But can wear too much – Id say when you reach 12 pieces its time to stop.

2. Mix your metals

Its far cooler to have several metal tones – I like dark gunmetal silver and antique gold which had a rose tone to it – very shiny metals can look too brassy.

3. Take Care of Your Bling

In saying that make sure you clean your jewels regularly. While there is something to be said for letting your jewellery age, you can lose definition. I use brass and silver polish – it’s very therapeutic!

4. Mix ‘n Match Jewels & Tats

 I buy my jewellery to fit in around my tattoos – there are some rings that fit a certain finger so I would never get that area tattooed. Tattoos mixed in with proper lifetime jewellery can look really cool.

5. Pare It Back For Evening

When it comes to evening wear I think it’s important to keep it simpler with strong statement pieces which complement the dress.

Pamela Love x Zadig & Voltaire availabe instore mid-March, http://www.zadig-et-voltaire.com/

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