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Is This The Hippest Holiday Of All Time? Alexa, Pixie & Nick On Tour!

If looking at pictures of the stars on sun-kissed beaches isn’t enough to wake the green eye monster, Alexa Chung & chums’ Instagram holiday pics are sure to get your goat. Touching down in Puerto Rico last week Alexa, Nick Grimshaw, Pixie Geldof et al have been keeping their fans updated with beautifully styled Instagrams picturing their vacay. From leopard print bikinis to beachside mermaids, the gang’s japes have all been given the Earlybird/Nashville treatments leading us to believe that this post-Christmas jaunt might just be the hippest holiday of all time.

So how can you give your holiday the Alexa look? While August may seem a long off, it never hurts to come prepared. Clieck through our gallery below and read on to get our holiday hipster-makeover guide:

1. First up think about your accessories. While a nice pair of Chanel sandals will make a good snap, there’s nothing that says hip holiday more than a surfboard. Just make sure you ditch the wetsuit – that sea-lion look is so not what you should be going for.

2. Any opportunity to add a picture of you reading (ideally an esoteric philosopher rather than 50 Shades, just fyi) should be taken. Make like Alexa and shun the beachside backdrop and go for a barley field/meadow to add a sense of bucolic romance to your pretentious pose.

3. Holiday-ing alone is not as hip as holidaying with a gang of variously talented/famous people. Pick ‘n’ mix between boys in bands and models. Now is the time to shed your unphotogenic mates, unless they are famous of course.

4. Faux naïf childishness is one of the founding principles of hipsterism, so be sure to add childlike quirks at all times. Hold hands with your girl pals, build sandcastles, play with puppies and dive bomb off jetties and so on. Ensure someone is on hand at all time to capture these ‘spontaneous’ moments.

5. Be aware of colour palettes. If you are wearing a pair of colourful shades/ holding a pastel coloured tote, make sure you are shot against a clashing colour. Keep your eye out for bright colour backdrops – especially anything that looks a bit gritty – see garbage cans and vintage lifeguard huts below.

Et Voila! You too can have a happy hipster holiday!

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